Nowadays many students looking for the best-accredited institution in Alabama (AL), so what’s you need to look at it? For becoming physical therapist, you need DPT degree and some others specialization certifications like (Sports, Pediatric).  Alabama (AL)  is the Top USA state with leading and world-class universities of healthcare and medical.

Accreditation status of schools is the primary goal, so if your degree isn’t from accredited then you must face difficulties. Even you can’t sit in the national exam of physical therapist. After getting DPT degree, National exam pass and get a license is another goal for the therapist.

After getting DPT degree, first goal for every student is to gain experience, so submit your academics details in these ALABAMA top hospitals. In starting off your career submit academic credential to (Hale County Hospital, Pickens County Medical Center, Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Montgomery, VA Tuscaloosa Alabama and University Alabama Hospital EMR).


Quick Facts

  1. According to APTA, only 4 schools with Accreditation Status in Alabama (AL) for DTP program
  2. Schools are locating in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile.
  3. All school’s fundamental of DPT programs is Evidence-Based Practitioners
  4. Competition is high, so get Good GRE and GPA score in Bachelor degree especially MAJOR
  5. The job growth rate is increasing rapidly in Alabama about 6%
  6. Highest salary ($120,00) you can expect as a physical therapist in Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Greensboro, and many other metropolitan areas
  7. 15 years of experience required for getting the highest salary in this field
  8. Pediatric and Sports is the highest salary department in physical therapy
  9. Major in Psychology, Exercise science, kinesiology, and Biology is helping you easy entry in school’s admission.
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We are also discussing every state of the US relates to Physical Therapy Schools, so see more relates stats (PA, Mississippi, NY, California).

Accredited Physical Therapy Programs in Alabama (AL)

Many students looking DPT degree, and other assistant certification in Alabama (AL). Requirements of prerequisites mentioned regarding every school offering program. Make sure only 4 schools in offering DPT degree, so if your schools aren’t in my list then make sure through APTA site.

DPT Programs in Alabama (AL)

DPT degree is the initial requirement for becoming a physical therapist in any state in the US. So what’s about this degree (Pre-qualification, Academic Background) for eligibility. Some schools pass 50% during student’s school’s interview, so make sure about it.

License Requirement

See complete details through official Licensing provider in ALABAMA. Every Assistant and therapist must consult there for renewal and issue of license for approval of the practice.

Top Accredited Schools

See what schools in my Top of the list? All of offering DPT program, for more detail you must visit official page of school.


Alabama State University

Every student in Alabama (Montgomery) would like to join State university for the DPT program. Top ranking school in Alabama with world-class faculty, so entry admission isn’t easy.

Tuition Fee isn’t displaying in official site of State University, so you can either call and get an idea about that.

  1. Program offering: Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)
  2. Accreditation Status: YES
  3. Prepare every student for NPTE (License)


Address: 915 South Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL


Samford University

Students of Birmingham looking for admission in DPT program at Samford University. Schools are on the list in top 50 healthcare institute in the overall US.

Programs Offering:

  1. Doctor of Physical Therapy
  2. Fast-track Doctor of Physical Therapy


Address: 800 Lakeshore Drive Birmingham, AL

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Another top rank school in Birmingham offering Doctor of Physical therapy program. Jennifer Christy, PT, Ph.D. is the program director, so you can also consult with about outcomes of these programs.

You must have good GRE and GPA score, with 20 clinical hours before applying to this school.

  1. Graduation Rate: 95%
  2. Ultimate Licensure Exam Pass Rate: 100%


Address: 1720 2nd Avenue South SHPB 360 Birmingham, AL


University of South Alabama

Student of Mobile should consider the University of South Alabama for the DPT program. You must Score in all prerequisites (C) course beside Major which requires A


Address: 307 N University Blvd HAHN Rm 2011 Mobile

Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Alabama (AL)

Just like DPT programs, PTA (Associate Degree) is very popular in Students, who wants an early job after high school. In Alabama Assistant opportunity is increasing rather the therapist. Many students get this degree for easy admission on DPT offering top schools.

  1. 36,000 to 42,000 annually salary a PTA can expect
  2. High School required

Top Schools Offering PTA programs

I only list one school offering PTA program, you want more than requesting us for detail information.

Calhoun Community College

Accredited through CAPTE (No doubt about it) 2019 session is starting in March, so you can join now. I miss, then waits for session 2020.


Career outlook of Physical Therapist in AL

Physical therapist career grows all over the USA not only in Alabama. 90% Therapist easily earn Above $120K after getting 16 years of experience in particular field (Sports, Orthopedic). In many Cities of Alabama, you can expect high salaries like Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery.

Beside the Therapist, more opportunities for Physical Therapist Aide and Assistant.

For more information about Alabama career, Schools, License requirements and Accreditation, just contact