Looking for Physical therapy degree in Florida (Top US state)? In this page, we will discuss the Top Three physical therapy field (AIDE, ASSISTANT, DPT). Licensing requirements and other degree requirements for these programs. Is the GRE test Required? What is the best Major for Physical therapy graduate? What about Career outlook in Florida? How Much Do Physical Therapists Make?

All of these questions must address PT programs. Top Accredited schools (Hybrid, Campus Base, Online). Which schools is the best relates to Tuition Fee, Rank, Environment and Affiliated with Regulatory authority of Florida?

Withholding DPT degree and state license, you can apply in Florida top hospitals and rehabilitation center as a therapist. Your starting salary will at-least $35,000 annually. Apply for an internship here St Vincent’s Healthcare, Health Orlando Regional Medical Center, Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, Baptist Medical Center Beaches.

Similar states with top rank accredited schools (NC, Texas, Georgia, California).

10 Quick Facts:

A summarized view of PT programs in Florida

  1. 13 Schools offering Accredited PT Programs in Florida
  2. Top Schools in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Fort Myers
  3. Florida claimed Top Ranked schools of healthcare programs and physical therapy all over US states.
  4. According to BLS, 34% to 37% employment rate in this field
  5. $86,850 per year according to per hour $41.9
  6. Helpful in overcome Diabetes or Obesity and also Stokes
  7. Florida also claimed top Paying State in the healthcare field after California, and some private companies can give therapist more than $150,000 annually
  8. After Physical therapy, specialized in Ph.D. level for pediatric and acute care.
  9. Low no of universities offering master, above 90% offering Doctorate programs campus base and online
  10. A license must require for becoming a therapist (Concern Florida Association)


Physical Therapy Programs in Florida (FL)

From an Associate degree to doctorate many schools offering PT programs. You can become an Assistant, Aide, and therapist after joining these programs. Total education required 7 to 8 years and after experience for joining top companies. Many Schools offering diploma and certification for becoming AIDE and Assistant.

DPT Programs in Florida

What DPT stand for? Doctor of Physical therapy, you need this degree for practice as a therapist in Florida or other states. Bachelor required in Science subjects, so the best major for DPT programs in Exercise science, Phycology, Rehabilitation science, and other medical studies. You can also Call physiotherapists to those who hold a DPT degree.

License Requirement

The regulatory authority in Florida defines some rules and regulation relates to practice in the state. Apply for the license here. Both Assistant and therapist required a license to work in Florida. It’s your school’s duty to guide you about the particular state license required.

For more information about Florida License to Physical therapist contact us.

Tuition Fee

Every university is offering a scholarship in Florida in different programs. Your current education and schools interview will depend on this. On average semester fee is $8,000 to $12,000 after financial aid.

Physical Therapy Assistant Program in Florida

Just like DPT no of schools offering PTA programs in Florida top cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Just like PT license, you must go to Official site of Florida state for getting the license. You need an Associate degree in PTA, some schools offering this degree 3 year or some 2 years. Passing the national exam is mandatory to become a legal PTA.

Schools locate in;

  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Lakeland
  4. Miami
  5. Royal Palm Beach
  6. Sarasota
  7. Tampa

For more detail about schools ranking, tuition fee, and programs offering, Contact us.

Physical Therapy Aide Program Florida

Aide programs or you can say certification od diploma offering some community-based schools or colleges. Many housewives get this diploma and spend some hour in the nearest hospital and clinic as a therapist assistant or nurse.

The demand for PT AIDE is increasing in Florida non-metropolitan areas.

List of Physical Therapy Schools in Florida

Check some top-ranking schools, although we found 13 accredited schools, here we discussing only 4 to 5 schools in different areas of Florida. PTCAREER.info make sure about every school accredited status, so do not hesitate about it. Just make sure about other concern before submitting an admission fee.


Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Nicole Wertheim college is the top rank school in Miami offering DPT programs. With Evidence-based research and advanced practice in the field of physical therapy this college rank also in US top 50 Healthcare schools list.


  1. A course outline is APTA approved
  2. 450 internship opportunities
  3. 9-semester program

Contact Us:

Website: https://cnhs.fiu.edu/academics/physical-therapy/index.html

Address: 11200 SW 8 Street – AHC 3

  1. 305-348-7703


Nova Southeastern University

3 year DPT programs in TAMPA top School (Nova Southeastern) is the best way to become the therapist. The school I also offering Ph.D. program and an associate degree for the PTA program. Now you can apply in Feb 2020.

  1. Tuition Fee: $21,150 annually
  2. Double check about Nova Southeastern university accreditation status.

Contact Us:

Website: https://healthsciences.nova.edu/pt/hedpt-tampa/index.html


Orlando PT School

University of Central Florida

If you are thinking about to become a physical therapist in Florida, and residence of Orlando you just get admission in university of central Florida.

  1. For practice in Orlando you must require the license, so visit site.

Contact Us:

Website: https://healthprofessions.ucf.edu/kpt/physicaltherapy/

Address: 4000 Central Florida Boulevard, HPAI, Room 256 D


University of North Florida

Another top city of Florida offering DPT programs. 104 Credits hours required in 9 semesters for completion of these programs. In last year you can get an internship in various therapist center under the supervision of professional and experienced staff.

Contact Us:

Website: https://www.unf.edu/brooks/movement_science/graduate_program.aspx

Address: Building 39, Room 2037 Jacksonville, FL

Ft Lauderdale

Nova Southeastern University

Traditional campus base DPT programs (3 years). Top Healthcare school in FT Lauderdale. Tuition fee comparatively low then other cities in Florida. Both Case base and clinical testing study included in the course outline of physical therapy.

Contact Details:

Website: https://healthsciences.nova.edu/pt/dpt/index.html

Email: ptinfo@nova.edu


University of Florida Health Science Center

University in offering a Ph.D. in rehabilitation science and DPT programs. Accredited through APTA, the top rank institute in Gainesville. Experience faculty, cutting edge program, environment, clinical experience for the student and Excellent Facilities for Teaching and Research makes a difference between other institutes.

Contact Details:

Website: https://pt.phhp.ufl.edu

St Augustine

University of ST-Augustine

Central University of ST Augustine offering Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

  1. Weekends and Weekdays
  2. Online & Hybrid (4 years)
  3. Campus Based (2.7 years)
  4. Dual Degree programs offering in Physical therapy

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.usa.edu/college-of-rehabilitative-sciences/doctor-physical-therapy/

Career Outlook of Physical Therapist in Florida

With 34% expected growth rate PT is one of the boosting careers not in Florida but all over the US. The demand of therapist in Florida increasing day by day for Assistant, Aide and Experienced therapist.

For the startup, you can pick different high demand spot in Florida like, Sarasota, Boynton, Venice, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, and Bradenton.

The expected average salary is $82,000, but in some city like Miami, Orlando your salary in some private clinics and hospitals increases above to $1K.