Searching for Top NYC schools offering DPT, Physical therapy assistant and AIDE program? IN the top city of NYC, you can find various programs. In this article, I discuss what you need to search in particular schools relates to PT program? What’s entry requirement with prerequisites? What about the tuition fee. More than 12,000 therapists already working here and more than 15,000 therapists participate in different areas (Metropolitan and non-metropolitan) and financial center of NYC.

According to the US Department of Labor, NYC is a list in top paying the state for a therapist (Physical therapist). In some city, PT can make about $103,000 annually. According to previous years, job percentage is increased by 10.

Because Physical therapist work in a rehabilitation center, hospitals, and various health care medical unit, the demand is increasing. PT is responsible for taking career patient physical condition with some advance therapist techniques.

For entry and professional career, you should join various NYC healthcare unit.

  1. Centers Health Care (Bronx, NY)
  2. ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center (New York, NY)
  3. AHF Healthcare Center – Midtown Manhattan
  4. AHF Healthcare Center – Chelsea
  5. Heritage Health Care (New York, NY)
  6. AHF Healthcare Center – Queens
  7. AHF Healthcare Center – Manhattan AKA Columbus Circle
  8. Barbee Family Healthcare Center
  9. Eden Park Health Care Center

For a become physical therapist, you must study until the doctorate level. After the doctorate level, you can get a Ph.D. and become a scholar and researcher. After Ph.D. you can join various Government level research lab and your salary much higher than your expectation.


10 Quick Facts:

  1. 23 schools offering Accredited PT & PTA programs in NY
  2. On average $86,000 to $92,000 Salary in various hospitals, health service center and clinics
  3. Top Areas with a high paying salary in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New York City.
  4. Schools are offering DPT and PTA degree also Combined BS + DPT degree (Accelerated programs).
  5. Similar states with such programs review, Florida, California, Texas, NC
  6. License required for both PT and PTA in NY
  7. Many areas of NY with high no of employment rates like Queens and Staten Island
  8. The overall Growth rate is 34% expected until 2026
  9. Schools are offering Online, Campus base learning in PT and PTA
  10. Ask more about these programs

DPT Programs in NY

Looking for DPT (Doctor of physical therapy) programs online and campus-based in NY? This advanced degree design for professional for diagnostic imaging, pharmacology, nutrition, and other research methods implement in the current module. This postgraduate degree needs to become PT or you can say the basic necessity.

What to Look for in a DPT Program in NY?

3 years’ programs, program schedule increase one year if you pick online classes. In NY there are various accredited universities offering this program and after this program, you can join the Association in NY design for a physical therapist.

In NY, career and employment growth rate are so good, so if you are looking at the best degree for an easy and quick job, then it is.


Fundamental requirements, make sure about the accreditation of university or school. I already mention how many accredited schools available in NY offering DPT program?  Concern your particular program to CAPTE site before apply admission.


A concern to this site for getting the license after DPT degree. Some basic requirements for getting PT license in NY are;

  1. be of good moral character
  2. be at least 18 years of age
  3. meet education and examination requirements

You have to submit $294 Fee for apply to license. Different requirements for international students relates to getting a license in NY.

DPT Program Admission Requirements in NY

Every school has a different requirement for entry in the DPT program, but 70% same. Required Bachelor degree physiotherapy or physical therapy or equant degree (Biology, Rehabilitation Science, Kinesiology).

  1. Biology* (one semester)
  2. Chemistry* (two semesters)
  3. Exercise Physiology (one semester)
  4. Human Anatomy* (one semester)
  5. Human Physiology* (one semester)
  6. Physics* (two semesters) (can be calculus-based or non-calculus based)
  7. Psychology (two semesters)
  8. Statistics (one semester)

So if you have a bachelor degree already in Physical therapy, then you can get DPT degree in just 2 years, on the other hand, 3 years.

  1. CGPA must above 3.3 in science subjects
  2. GRE test Required

Some schools offering dual program combined with Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) program. So you have a bonus point after getting a dual degree.

Tuition and Costs

Tuition fees are different in every school, many factor emphasis this like Faculty, Location, Schools ranking, and Government AID.

On Average, in NY tuition fee for DPT program is $20,000 $25,000 annually.

Career after DPT Programs

After DPT you can join various rehabilitation center, Healthcare unit, Hospitals, Therapist private clinic. On average in NY you can easily earn around $86,000 to $92,000 annually. Some areas of Manhattan, NY city this figure increase at $110,000 level.

Top Schools for DPT Programs in NY

23 schools offering DPT degree with Accredited status. Here we mention 3 to 4 top schools in the different area of NY. Schools in Brooklyn, Ithaca, Orangeburg, Buffalo, Potsdam, and Manhattan.

New York City

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Top rank school in New York City, University offering much financial aid program like yellow ribbon and scholarship for residence. On average fee is around $18,500 per semester.

See prerequisites subjects like Microbiology, Genetics and make sure about GPA in science subjects before admission here.

Contact Details:


Address: 630 West 168th Street New York, NY 10032


D’Youville College

This college offers accelerated the program, so you can get combined bachelor and doctoral degree in 6 years. If you have a bachelor degree, then 3 more years required to get a DPT degree.

Advanced Certification: Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Dual Degree Programs Offering:

  1. Biology BS + (DPT)
  2. Exercise and Sports Study (BS) + DPT
  3. Health Services Management (BS) +DPT

Contact Details:


Address: 320 Porter Avenue, KAB 346 Buffalo, NY

New York City

Hunter College (CUNY)

3.3 Years required to get DPT degree, if you have already bachelor degree in required subjects from Hunter college. One of the Top rank college in NY regarding best faculty, Clinical relationships and Employment rate.

  1. Study on the Weekends
  2. Our Campus

Contact Details:



Nazareth College

One of the Top rank school in NY offering DPT program. If you are residence nearby Rochester than must visit Nazareth schools of health science.

Programs Offering:

  1. S./D.P.T. in Physical Therapy (combined 6-year program)
  2. Graduate level: D.P.T. in Physical Therapy

Contact Details:


Address: 4245 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618


Staten Island

The college of Staten Island

List in top accredited schools offering DPT program in NY. Excellent faculty, Graduation passing rate, and license assistant. The campus is also linked with many clinics, so students join clinics for completion of their hours.

Contact Details:


PTA Programs in NY

Just like DPT programs, many students after high school join the Associate program in Physical therapy other call physical therapy assistant program. In the past few years in NY, the demand for PTA is increase remarkably. Just like PT, you can also complete all necessary requirements likes licensing, Accreditation for becoming PTA.

In demand field in various Nursing and residential care facilities of NY.

What to Look for in a PTA Program?

This person (PTA) assist PT and work according to the guidance of the therapist. Utilizing special equipment for improving the daily physical condition of the client. Hard work with the client through complex treatment procedures, and advanced treatment.

This field is excellent is for both men and women, and for PTA the scope is great in NY. Usually, program length is 1.5 to 2 year including internship and required clinic hours.

Advice: get CPR certification, before applying to this program. This will help you get financial aid and easy entry admission.


Just like DPT programs, accreditation must require. Make sure your schools or program is accrediting or not, this will certainly help in admission DPT program.


Although License isn’t requiring for typically assistant in every Us state, in NY you must get it for practice.

  1. $103 License Fee
  2. You can download a form from NYSED GOV site and apply online

For more information about Licensing, contact us

Tuition and Costs

Cost of PTA program in NY is under $10,000 annually in most schools. Students apply for financial aid also for getting this program.

For international students and out of NY residence, the cost is increased to $15,000 annually.

PTA Program Entry Requirements in New York

Interview, GPA, and Residence is the primary factors emphasis on admission of PTA in NY. For the competition, you must complete high school in good grades especially in science subjects.

As I mention above CPR certification will help you to get admission easily.

Top Schools for PTA Programs in NY

Just like PT programs, various schools offering PTA programs in NY. Accreditation, Licensing, and tuition fee are the primary factors during a particular school selection process.


Ithaca College

Licensure Exam Rate, Exam Passing rate, and top faculty is the primary factor of Top Ithaca College of NY. Top Rank school offering an associate degree in Physical therapy and become PTA.

Contact Details:



New York Medical College

College is offering a PT and PTA program in Valhalla NY.

Contact Details:


Accelerated Physical Therapy Programs in NY

Few colleges offering Accelerated programs or combined programs with physical therapy. Dual-degree BS/DPT is offering few schools in NY for health science students. Students get early DPT degree through this process. After this degree you can appoint as a therapist in any following industries;

  1. Sports medicine
  2. Outpatient orthopedics
  3. Acute care hospitals
  4. Pediatrics
  5. Geriatrics
  6. Adult neurological rehabilitation

In other like nursing, the demand for the accelerated program is very high, so every university offering this program.

Career outlook of Physical Therapist in NY

Here I just inform you little about the career of PT and PTA in NY relates to job employment and salary. NY is the Top state of the US regarding every aspect, so demand of healthcare staff is increasing day by day. The overall growth rate of healthcare staff in NY is about 4% annually.

You can expect $86,000 to $92,000 salary in sports medicine, Outpatient unit, hospitals, As a pediatric.