Complete details about Pennsylvania (PA) PT schools offering DPT and Physical therapy assistant programs in 2019 and 2020. What’re the criteria of selection? Entry requirements and average tuition fee in admission. Advance degree (DPT) is required to become a therapist in PA. The highly demanding profession with 34% through 2026.

Did license require in Pennsylvania PA state? What’s the top industry for physical therapist there? What’s specialization after DPT program? GRE and GPA above 3.3 in science subject must require.

For high salary, you can select any of these nearby rehabilitation centers in PA as a Physical therapist. Check similar states with accredited programs (NC, NYC, Texas, Florida, Georgia)

  1. Health Center at Mountain Top (Mountain Top)
  2. Broad Top Area Medical Center (Broad Top City)
  3. Wyoming Valley Health Care (Mountain Top)
  4. Lankenau Medical Center (Wynnewood)
  5. Mary Medical Center (Langhorne)
  6. Einstein Medical Center Montgomery (East Norriton Township)

These center claimed high salary to the physical therapist in Pennsylvania. For starting of your career, you can also get an internship and ask the college for referring you for completion of clinical hours.

Although after DPT, you can get a Ph.D. and become a scholar and educator. Join Research lab (Government base) and expect salary above $160k annually.

Quick Facts about School:

  1. 18 schools holding accredited status in Pennsylvania (PA)
  2. Found top school in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Aston, Center Valley and Glenside
  3. DPT Program Length (3 to 4 years)
  4. Best Prerequisites for DPT programs are (Biochemistry, Biology, Healthcare Science, or Psychology, Rehabilitation science)
  5. 120,000 Licensed PT working in the USA, 6% in PA
  6. An average salary in Pa is about $78,000, in some cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh you can earn above $1K
  7. Orthopedic and Pediatric therapist is in high demand in PA
  8. 30% job opportunity increased till 2026 (CNN)
  9. Check Accreditation status of these schools in CAPTE
  10. Ask more about PT programs in PA

Every school set own criteria of selection, competition is high, so you must apply with good grades in bachelor programs. Final selection depending on Schools interview, and so financial aid or scholarship.


DPT Programs in Pennsylvania (PA)

70% of schools offering tradition DPT programs (Campus-Based) rather than online degree. I also recommend you to get in campus base school due to practice lab and visualization. Usually, the degree is 3 years if campus base, otherwise 4 years’ program.


Make sure, your admission in PA accredited school for DPT program, otherwise your degree isn’t accepting. I mention some accredited schools below, so select the nearby school and apply for the DPT program. CAPT is the regulatory institute for approval either school’s program is accredited or not, so you can check over there.


Apply to this site, after DPT degree (State Board of Physical Therapy) in PA. You can personally visit (Harrisburg, PA) and see what rules and regulation implement relates to practice in PA or check via Online.

DPT Program Prerequisites

Just like other state schools, PA schools also set some requirements relates to a bachelor degree. One of the best major for physical therapy is Psychology and human science, Biology.

  1. Biology* (one semester)
  2. Chemistry* (two semesters)
  3. Exercise Physiology (one semester)

GPA is a major science subject must above 3.3 for easy application. The dual degree course is also offering some schools in PA, so just a look also over there.

Tuition Fee of DPT Program

Isn’t too much compared to other states like California, Florida, NYC? But PA residence must bear at-least $6,000 to $8,000 per semester fee. Some schools design DPT course for 8 semesters, or some 9 semesters in 3 years to 3.5 years.

Top Schools for DPT Programs in PA

18 schools offering, here I’m going to mention only the top school in some city of PA. For more information about the school in your City, Comment US.


Alvernia University

Alvernia University is the top school in Reading PA offering Doctor of the physical therapy program. With experienced faculty, and research lab you should apply here. The best Clinical Expert Integration Model for physical therapy students.

  1. 8 semesters
  2. 121 total credits
  3. Prepare for national Exam conducted by (


  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biology
  3. Healthcare Science
  4. Psychology

Required GPA of 3.5, of Major subjects, so you can predict competition in this field.

Contact Details:


Address: 400 Saint Bernardine St. Reading, PA 19607


Chatham University

The top school in Pittsburgh PA offering DPT program. Problem-based learning, technical experience, research clinical lab, Accreditation, and licensing facility differentiate these schools from others.

Tuition per Term: $12,318

Required Terms: 7 terms

Required Credits: 107 credits

If your GOA is above 3.5, then your chances of getting Scholarship will above 90%. Just like other school’s same prerequisites required.

Contact Details:


Address: 1 Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15232-2826


Drexel University

Planning of DOT program in Philadelphia, then Apply Drexel school. One of the best experience faculty they have.

  1. 100% pass rate on state board licensure examination
  2. Experiential learning
  3. 100% graduation passing rate

$10,000 to $14,000 annually fee

School is also offering POST BACCALAUREATE CERTIFICATES to direct and easy entry to Physical therapy programs.

Contact Details:


Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Programs in PA

In addition, first, step to enter in the field of physical therapy. Many individuals after high schools apply for PTA admission and start earning, through PTA road is easy for the DPT program.

Demand in PA is increasing for PTA, so you can bright opportunities in clinics, hospitals, nursing facilities, and rehabilitation centers.


Make sure your schools in accredited through CAPTE site. Without Accreditation, you face difficulty in DPT admission.


License required for PTA also in Pennsylvania PA. For renewal and apply you must go through official state site of PA.

Tuition and Costs

Below $10,000 you have to pay annually in any school.

Top PTA Schools in PA

Check out Top accredited schools in PA offering PTA programs. Just high school’s certification required with a good grade for admission. High schools in science subjects (Good Marks) will prefer.


Lackawanna College

Apply for an associate degree in PTA at Lackawanna College (1.8 years). Accredited School from CPTAE, you can check status.

  1. GED completion or High Schools
  2. SAT or ACT test scores, if applicable
  3. Placement Test (Accuplacer)
  4. 20 hours of clinical observation
  5. Pre-science curses
  6. School interview

Such criteria must every student kept in own mind before applying to any schools in PTA programs.

Contact Details:



Central Penn College

One of the best PTA programs offering the school in Summerdale. Best faculty, affordable tuition cost, and clinical hours’ facility.

  • or better is preferred in High Schools

20 hours must be observed

CAPTE Approved

Contact Details:



Johnson College

CAPTE Approved, Best national exam passing score (NPTE) for physical therapy assistant students.

  1. C+ grade or B required for admission in PTA programs
  2. Tuition Fee is $10,000 to $14,000

Contact Details:


Dual Degree Programs of Physical Therapy in PA

Many Schools offering BS/DPT program (6 years) to become a physical therapist. Requirements meet with DPT degree. More career opportunities after BS/DPT programs instead of DPT programs.

  1. Supervisor of the physical therapist
  2. Consultant
  3. Educator
  4. Sport Specialization

Different criteria apply in different school, so check a particular school before applying.

Career outlook in PA

Pennsylvania (PA) is the top state with no of the population, so the demand of physical therapist is increasing. You can’t compare salary with other top states in the USA like California, Florida, and Texas. in addition, the therapist can earn $73,000 annually.