Sports Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the techniques, treatments, and prevention of injuries related to exercise and sports. Significantly, Sports Medicine primarily concerns with physical fitness.

Like another field of study, physical therapy has different areas of study like sports medicine pt, Pediatric PT, Geriatric PT, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Neurological PT, Orthopedic PT.

About Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

To add in the above facts, a Physical Therapist deals with injuries or any physical disability by promoting the use of exercise.


Quick Facts:

  • Mary McMillian is the founder of the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association (APTA).
  • Sport medicine PT helps patients to get instant relief from pain in a certain body area.
  • Ther is always a Sport physical therapist available in all kind of sports team.
  • Before starting any physical game, SPT checks all team members to evaluate their physical health.
  • Their method of treatment is based on exercises and medicine.
  • An SPT must be aware of orthopedic mechanism.
  • It is the second-highest paying job in the field of physical therapy.
  • The average salary of SPT is between $$80,680 – $90,770.

However, a Sports Medicine Physical Therapists is an expert who deals with sports-related injuries. These therapists may work in close proximity to sports teams. The reason being, Sports Medicine Physical Therapists fulfill the urgent need for assessment at the time of injury during a sports match.

Similarly, these physical therapists may also work in orthopedic and especially sports-injury related departments in hospitals.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapists are experts who may have a background in similar facilities. In most cases, these therapists are well aware of the specific sport. They’re bound to be there for the injured and guide them throughout their treatment.

Physical Therapist or a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist?

A Physical Therapist deals with physical injuries on a larger scale. A PT may work in many facilities including Old nursing homes, hospitals, orthopedic wards, pediatric centers.

On the contrary, a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist is a specialist who only works in close proximity to sports-related injuries. These therapists may be working with sports teams, in sports injury rehabilitation centers.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapist may also get a lot of assignment-based work. For example, during the touring sessions of sports teams or players.

What is the Responsibility of a Sports Medicine PT?

In the same light, a Sports Medicine PT has to design the exercising and treatment plans with extreme empathy. Their goal is to provide enhanced natural healing to the injured by assisting the injured body part in a way that will not restrict default healing.

Responsibility-of-a-Sports-physical therapist

The therapists design the exercises by keeping the following factors in-check:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Correct Biomechanical Imbalances
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Sports-Specific Training
  • Build Endurance
  • Restore Function

Various Exercises Opted by Sports Medicine PT:

To demonstrate different exercises guided by the physical therapists, imagine a patient having hand-injury. The therapist may provide the patient with a toy or equipment that promotes his/her hand movement.

Patients having long term leg related injuries are promoted towards being able to run independently again. A therapist may use tying equipment including belts and elastic material to tie the patient and a helping nurse.

As a consequence, through the support of the equipped nursing hand and packed equipment, a patient may be able to run again. Eventually, exercises and rehab sessions spanning over a longer period of time provide the patient with the independence to return to his/her regular activities.

The exercises make sure to remove unwanted scar tissue that may cause pain and restrict movement. Consequently, improving and enhancing the body’s natural healing.

What are the conditions that Sports Medicine PT Treats:

As obvious from the injury’s name, a Sports Medicine PT treats live injuries during sports matches. Any sudden injury resulted from activities like running, walking, rock-climbing, football, and other sports for that matter.

Children may experience sports-injury during their school games or leisure activities. A doctor may treat and provide medicines for the injury but the initial assessment of the injury and final treatment plan is the job of an expert PT.

How Can I Become a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist?

The initial pathway: The starting path of a Physical Therapist is the same as explained in the other articles. You start by completing your high school, followed by a Bachelor’s, Associate’s college Degree or PTA Degree.

Furthermore, you must take the required and necessary pre-requisite courses in your college for your future PT school. You may take any major in college as long as you’re fulfilling the pre-requisites of your future PT school.

Following are some suggested majors:

  • Kinesiology
  • Human Science
  • Athletic Training
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Science
  • General Studies

These are some suggested college majors but that’s definitely not what it’s limited to.

Physical Therapy School: After completing a college major you’re required to get into a PT school to complete your Masters or DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) degree.

Licensure and Certification: After completing your degree you’re required to get your license by sitting for the board exam. The board exam is necessary to get your license. The reason being, the license makes you a recognized therapist in all the 50 states.

Internship: An internship in the desired specialization facility can be very benefitting. In order to get a specialization certification, a therapist needs to have certain experience in the specific field.

Hence, if you wish to become a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist you must have related experience and knowledge to sit in the specialization exam and pass it.

While putting it out there, also an internship or a related job experience goes a long way.

All in all, you may conclude that Sports Medicine is a specialization in Physical Therapy that specifically deals with athletic and sudden accidental injuries. The following are some frequently asked questions.

Sport Medicine Physical Therapy Schools

Here are some popular SPT schools in the US which are offering affordable low tuition physical therapy degree programs, which includes, PT degree, PTA degree, DPT degree, and Ph.D. degree.

University of North Carolina


Program: BA – Sport Administration

Tuition: $250 per credit hour

Address: Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1400

Contact: 919-962-1442

Email: recycling@facilities.unc.edu

Website: https://www.unc.edu/

University of Georgia

Programs: BSEd in Excercise and Sport Science

Tuition: $15,634 USD

Address: Athens, GA 30602, USA

Contact: 706‑542‑3000

Email: helpdesk@uga.edu

Website: https://coe.uga.edu/academics/degrees/bsed-exercise-sport-science

Rutgers University

Programs: BS Kinesiology and Health

Tuition: $17,500 USD

Address: New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Address: 848-932-9525

Email: colonel.henry@rutgers.edu

Website: https://eim-oc.rutgers.edu/

Texas A&M University



Tuition: $28,578 USD

Address: 400 Bizzell St, College Station, TX 77843, USA

Contact: 979-845-1060

Email: admissions@tamu.edu

Website: https://hlkn.tamu.edu/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, there is some frequently asked questions list that will help you to better understand SPT.

1. What is the difference between a PT and Sports Medicine PT?

Answer: A Sports Medicine PT is specifically concerned with athletic problems whereas a PT is a much larger term of therapists for physical injuries. A Sports Medicine Physical Therapist is a PT who is specialized in athletic injuries.

 2. Is it okay for children to have sports injuries related to PT?

Answer: It depends. If your therapist is experienced and reliable and he/she has suggested Physical Therapy for your child then there’s no harm and it’s probably necessary in this case.

However, children do require emotional empathy from their parents during therapy.

3. Is it necessary to have Sports Medicine Physical Therapy after Injury?

Answer: The answer obviously depends upon the severity of the injury. In times of intense and damaging injuries, the patients do require certain therapy after they have fully healed. The reason being, the scar tissues may need removing after the no-movement phase, which may cause pain and restrict the body’s movement.

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