Physical therapy is all about improving individual daily life. Nowadays therapist inventing new ways of treatment and amendments in frames of reference. In this article, we discussing some research topics for students and PHD scholars. Students who are studying in their last semester of DPT degree or exploring new evidence based research.

Various examples of physical therapy research topics is showing below relates to pediatric, Geriatric, Acute care, Sports Therapy and many other specialization field either in last semester of DPT degree or post-graduate certification.

How to Select Any Physical Therapy Topic?

How to select any research topic? In higher-level degree especially healthcare field, you must study background and reviewing frames of reference in different disorders.

Physical Therapy Research Articles for Students

Focusing on Idea

There are different sites like Healthline, exploring new topics relevant to your area. You just need to follow all these sites and get help. Previous batch of students can also advice you in term of selection of topic.

Occupational Therapy Research Topics Ideas

According to Boston University, there are some hot trends in physical therapist world. World moving towards robotic engineering, so some changes in tradition methods is in progress.

Mind-Full Walking

If joints of any person is completely disorder, then this treatment may use. Many more improving in this area is require. If your university gives you complete tools, then you must to research in this technique.

Robotic Man

After some attack like Stokes and other chronical attach, which after person cannot walking more. These robotic staff helping this kind of patient just knowing their sense. So there is mots of improvement require in this area.


The Biomechanics of Motion

For full flowing of motion harmony, many student invent different exercises techniques after some tissue damage. Disorder like Cerebral Palsy, Lower back

Electronic Mirror

Installing an electronic device, which control entire motion of body, and you can track particular patient especially mentally ill people.

Pelvic Health

Women secrete issues, which directly connect with pelvic area is always needed improvements. Better treatment, rehabilitation ways and different exercises approaches invent by students. Traditional ways Vs new invention in this area help student for getting high score in research paper.

Travel Therapy

One of the most expensive job for physical therapist. In some study, travel therapist need some more technical expertise like occupational, speech pathologist and especially Sports therapy. In-depth study relates to physical travel therapy, you can invent some more advancement.

Others helpful Research Topics

  1. Rehabilitation Techniques reverent to particular disorder like musculoskeletal injury
  2. Pelvic Floor dysfunction, Tennis Elbow and Kinesiology Tape Techniques
  3. Sciatica, vertigo and Drop Arm Test

Topic in Occupational Therapy Should Avoid

Never pick open questions topics, your topic is very new and unique relevant to main topic.

  1. Never pick Medicine related topic (Required Intensive Experiment)
  2. Hard to Explain
  3. Very open for questions and answers

Still confuse regarding selection of physical therapy research topic? You can ask us, our researcher and Doctors is replying you related to particular concern.