Physical Therapy deals with treating injured or physically ill people to help them improve their movement, minimize their pain and help them achieve independence through required exercises.

Doctors of Physical Therapy play a very important role in health and work with rehabilitation teams. The teams may consist of doctors working in the related area, sports physical therapist and physical therapy technicians.

About Doctor of Physical Therapist in a Nutshell

  • They will have to review the patient’s medical history, referrals, and prescriptions from past doctors.
  • Assessing the patient and diagnosing his/her dysfunctional movements.
  • Designing a strict and accurate plan for their patients after assessing their condition.
  • Setting specific goals for each patient and helping them execute the rehabilitation plan to achieve those goals.
  • Administering the physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and physical therapy aides who’re working under them.

Before going on towards the salary figures here are a few hints of how you can become a doctor of physical therapy:

  • Getting a 4 years undergrad degree.
  • Pursuing the Doctor of Physical Therapy for 3 years after undergrad.
  • Completing the one-year residency program and passing the board exam.
  • Start working in the field.

Quick Facts:

  • DPT Degree Program length is between three to four years of education.
  • For licensing and practicing you have to work in a Govt hospital for at-least 1 year.
  • There are multiple options are available for licensed practitioner.
  • According to Job growth percentage of DPT is more than 35%.
  • The average salary of DPT is between $75,000 USD to $85,000 USD.

How Much Do Doctor of Physical Therapist Make?

Salary Factors:

Below some important variables factors that directly effect on salary.

  1. Location
  2. Experience
  3. Type of Therapy
  4. Hospital/clinic
  5. By the end of 2018, the average hourly income for a Doctor of Physical Therapy was $46.40 per hour.
  6. By the end of 2018, the average annual income for a Doctor of Physical Therapy turned out to be $88,440 per year.

Factors Influencing the DPT Salary Figures:

There are multiple variables playing a role when it comes to defining the income of any professional. In the field of Physical Therapy, this information is specifically noteworthy.

  • Your geographical location in the country/in the world matters a lot. There are states that pay a lot more than the others.
  • Moreover, your experience in the field highly influences your rank in the facility and of course, your salary
  • Your skill level speaks for itself, a resume that stands out always benefits the potential applicant.
  • Your seniority also influences your income.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Salary

Education Requirements to Become DPT

The minimum education criteria are Bachelor of Physical Therapy that is 4 years long course and your course must include biology, chemistry, physics, social science, and statistics.

Before you apply for a license you need to complete 1-2 years of house job in Govt operated hospital. That will also help you to increase in your work experience.

Industries with the Highest Employment Levels:

By the end of 2017:

  • Offices of Healthcare practice have 82,320 employed individuals.
  • There were 80,102 recorded individuals in General medicine and surgical hospitals.
  • The other home health and private care services had above 95k individuals.

These figures are the registered cases and you may see fluctuation in numbers from time to time.

Top Paying Industries in the Physical Therapy Department: dpt-job-scope

Looking at these figures from an eye in 2018:


  • In Different Schools and Institutes, the average annual income is $96,900.
  • The average annual income in Home Health and Care Services department is $93,000.
  • In Nurse Care Facilities the average annual income is $86,380.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Salary By States

Top states Annual Salary Hourly Salary
NC $130,340 $53 to $63
California $120,760 $45 to $52
Texas $109,840 $44 to $48
Florida $105,234 $46 to $54
Georgia $100,550 $51 to $57

States With Highest Wages Rate for Doctor of Physiotherapist:

Looking at these figures from an eye in 2018:

  • The Physical Therapists in Nevada have the highest pay rate with an annual income of whopping $130,000.
  • On second there’s Alaska with average annual income as high as $94,350.
  • While New Jersey ranks third highest with an annual income rate of $91,200.

States With Low Wages Rate for DPT:

Following are states with the lowest income rate in the Physical Therapy Department:

  • Montana ranks lowest with an average annual income of $65,100 by 2017.
  • While North Dakota ranks second lowest with an average annual income of $70,900 by 2018.
  • Also, South Dakota ranks third lowest with an average annual income of $71,370 by 2017.

To sum up, the salary of a Physical Therapist revolves around a couple of variables. The average annual and hourly incomes are above. The salary is dependent on the competence of Physical Therapists.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will earn more than a Physical Therapist with a Bachelor’s degree. A Physical Therapy with a degree in Bachelor’s will earn more than a Physical Therapist Assistant having an Associate degree.

Similarly, a Physical Therapy assistant earns more than a Physical Therapy aide having a High School diploma.

Some states have comparatively high-income rates of Physical Therapists than the others. In the same light, some geographical locations, jobs, and facilities pay a lot more than the others.

In my opinion, determination, dedication, and luck also play a role more important than what we believe they do.