For starters, if you have any confusion about what a Physical Therapy technician is. Then I’ll suggest reading the introductory paragraphs, otherwise, you may just skip to the first heading.

In the field of Physical Therapy, under the administrative positions there exist Physical Therapy Assistants and Physical Therapy aides. The Physical Therapy Assistants and Physical Therapy aides are known as Physical Therapy Technicians.

While Physical Therapy Assistants may have administrative jobs as well and may have permission to lead an assignment, the Physical Therapy aides do not.

Physical Therapy aides have a high school diploma and in-house training but they’re not functionally equipped to lead assignments. Therefore, in the ranking hierarchy, Physical Therapists rank first, then come Physical Therapy assistants and under them are Physical Therapy aides.

Quick Facts of Physical Therapist Technician

  • A PTT is responsible to assist the Physical therapist during a therapy.
  • Therapy technician is junior in a clinic but responsible to check the rehab process.
  • There is a big scope for PT Technician, he can get a job in different rehab clinics audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.
  • However, in hospitals, there is a bigger opportunity for PT technicians.
  • He can also get his PT or DPT degree if he continues his studies.
  • The average salary of PT technicians is between $11.50 per hour.

Physical Therapy Technician Salary

Physical Therapy Assistant:

  • A Physical Therapy Assistant’s annual average income ranges anywhere from $57,230 to $62,310. The wage depends upon a couple of factors like geographical location and experience.
  • In the same manner, the average hourly income of Physical Therapy Assistant ranges anywhere between $37-41.

Physical Therapy Aides:

Becoming a Physical Therapy Technician


You can either go for a Physical Therapy Associates degree which you can pursue after a high school degree. In the second place, you have to take a board exam and you then you can practice as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

By the same token, becoming a Physical Therapy Aide by getting a diploma after high school. You can get in house training and practice working as a Physical Therapy Aide.

Total Employed Physical Therapy Technicians by 2017:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are total 84,480 employed Physical Therapy Technicians by 2017.

Top Paying States for A Physical Therapy Technician Salary

Top Paying States for A Physical Therapy Technician Salary

Following are the highest paying states for a Physical Therapy Technician salary by 2018 along with their average annual income:

  • Texas has an average annual income of $67,380.
  • California has an average annual income of $62,378.
  • New Jersey has an average annual income of $59,230.

Highest Employment Induced Organizations for Physical Therapy Technician

Following are some institutes that have the highest rate of employment for Physical Therapy Technicians. These figures are with respect to the year 2017 and by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Officers and Other Health Care Facilities: 52,000 Employees
  • General Medicine and Surgery: 54,380 Employees
  • Nursing Care: 62,840 Employees

Physical Therapy Technician Salary Factors

Below are some facts of PT technicians Salary:

Hourly Rate                   $9 – $15

Bonus                              $50 – $507

Total Pay                        $18,386 – $31,747

Since Physical Therapy Technicians exist in the lower part of the hierarchy, it means that they’re logically bound to have lower incomes than Doctors of Physiotherapy.

The reason being, the technicians are obviously less educated than their counterparts but it does not mean they can’t break the odds and earn more. The first suggestion for technicians is obviously to move up the ladder and get better degrees because that automatically improves your chances of beating the odds.

Even if you’re a Physical Therapy Technician, you still may earn a lot more if you consider the following tips:

  • To begin with, Geographical locations matter a lot. Some states pay a lot higher wages than the others. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the rest. You should opt for a location where you would be receiving a higher wage.
  • In like manner, if you’re an experienced technician having worked in world-class facilities. You’re bound to receive higher incomes.
  • If you are on a managerial post of Physical Therapy Technicians, you’re bound to have higher wages than your mates.
  • Similarly, if you have remarkable expertise in your area, your resume and previous jobs are going to speak for themselves.
  • Although, if you’re a Physical Therapy Aide, you may never be fully functional in administering an assignment like a Physical Therapist or PTA.

To sum up, if you’re a Physical Therapy Aide and you wish to go as high in salary as a Physical Therapy Assistant or a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

You may have to look at your plans for your future studies. Your academic qualification speaks for itself and you don’t have to depend on any external source for a boost in your living standard. I hope that helps.