Sports Physical Therapists are experts who deal with athletes. In fact, these therapists help prevent and improve injuries having specific knowledge of working with athletes and helping them train regardless of injury risk.

These therapists may also be present on the grounds during games in case of emergency injuries and helping the athletes in the ground. They help rehabilitate athletes who have experienced a physical injury.

Sports Physical Therapist Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the USA, Sports Physical Therapists earned an average annual salary of $84,790 in 2018.

While the average salary of Sports Physical Therapists per hour is $40-45 depending upon the various salary factors.

Quick Facts About Sports Physical Therapist

  • Sport Physical therapy job considered a fourth happiest job out of ten.
  • An SPT expert can also treat Vertigo.
  • Sports PT experts can earn more than a corporate firm manager.
  • According to BLS and glassdoor, the growth rate of sports PT is 3.89 % higher than other conventional job industries.
  • Sport Physical Therapist salary lies between $65,789 USD to $130,987 USD.


Factors Depending on the Salary:

Together with the various variables that come in play to define the salary in a specific field, the following factors may influence the salary of a Sports PT:

  • Your salary depends on what kind of institution you’re working in. If you’re working in a school as a PT coach for athletes, your salary may be higher than if you’re working in a local clinic.
  • Your geographical location matters a lot. The reason being, the income of Physical Therapists in some state is quite higher than the rest of the states.
  • Furthermore, another thing that contributes to your salary is how long have you been working in the field. A Physical Therapist with a Bachelor’s degree and 10-year experience will surely be earning more than the same therapist with the same degree and no experience.
  • Your rank in the institution you’re working in also defines your salary. If you’re a junior in your firm then there’s a strong chance that they’re paying you a lot less than your seniors.
  • Most importantly, your skill goes a long way. If you’re genuinely dedicated and know your expertise, you will get more salary!

Jobs as a Sports Physical Therapist:

  • You may work as a Sports Administrator in an educational institute.
  • In the same light, the educational institute’s sports teams and national/international level sports team require coaches. You may work as a Sports Coach.
  • You may work as a Sports Development Officer in any facility that offers the designation.
  • You may work as a private Sports Therapist.
  • By the same token, you may be Strength & Conditioning Coach in a female club.
  • As a sports physician.
  • You may become an expert in athletic training.
  • You could choose any other side of Physical Therapy as well and continue to work as a Physical Therapist.
  • Sports Nutrition is another field you may wish to gain expertise in.
  • Biomechanics is the study of how people move. You may work as a biomechanist who is an expert in human motion.
  • Similarly, many sports physical therapists work as personal trainers in gyms.

Best Jobs Out of the Above in Terms of Better Salary Chances:

  • Physical Therapist
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Biomechanist
  • Sports Physician
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Athletic Trainer

BLS Stats about SPT Salary

According to BLS, here are some top paying private and GOVT sector fields and their offered salaries.

Sport Medicine $60,240 – $65,345
Hospitals; state, local, and private $67,098 – $70,231
Government $71,876 – $76,983
Offices of physicians $77,660 – $85,408
Sports Team $85,679 – $120,987

However, this chart figures arew based on 2016-2017, you can get latest updates from other official sites.

Average Sport Physical Therapist Salaries in the United States

Of the top of my head, Nevada and Maryland are two states that had higher average wages according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Normally, a sports physiotherapist can earn $30.76 per hour with the lowest experience in GOVT or private sector jobs. However, their annual salary may increase to $$85,000 per year.

if you are working with a sports team then a sports physiotherapist can make a lot more that could be $110,876 USD to $187,987 USD. This salary may differ from state to state and company to company. Although, job experience is another big factor that is directly proportional to your salary.

Extra Allowance with Salary

Here is the good news for Sports Physiotherapist, beside of monthly salary, an SPT can also get their yearly bounces, fuel, residential and medical allowances that is based on their performance, seniority and workplace. However, the average bounce is $29,000 to $58,000 USD but it may vary as mention above.

Although, these bounces and allowances are exempt from annual salaries.

Career Outlook for Sport Physical Therapists

The growth rate of sports physiotherapists is higher than in other industries and that is because of the evolvement of sports today. There are many rehabilitation centers and fitness clinics that are generating high demands of sport physical therapists. However, some states of the US are offering high paying salaries than other states like California, Florida, Texas, etc.

Private Sport Physical Therapists Jobs

Moreover, GOVT sector rehabilitation and fitness centers growth rate is low than other private sectors that why a number of vacancies are less than private hospitals. But still, there is a high job vacancy potential that exists in GOVT hospitals.

Below there are some job titles for different roles and positions;

  1. Sport Physical Therapist
  2. PT AIDS
  3. Senior Sport Team therapist
  4. Instant sports team attendant
  5. Rehabilitation Specialist
  6. Medical officer

Comparing Similar Jobs

Check others Sports Physical Therapist salary summary.

  1. Sport Physiotherapist Assitant: $52,445
  2. Medical Assistant: $65,345
  3. Physical Therapy Assistant: $50,567 to $64,861


Top Paying Industry

Below, the chart shows statistical data that is driven from BLS, APTA and other authenticated sources.

Physical Therapist (PT)                                     $59k – $90k

Physical Therapist Assistant                            $37k – $65k
Rehabilitation Director                                     $65k – $111k
Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT)                 $57k – $89k
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant           $38k – $72k
Chiropractic Assistant                                       $22k – $40k

Do you want to know the truth about salary regarding any profession in my opinion? Read this!

It is true that salary does have a dependency on some strict factors like experience, degree and geographical location. But, here’s a hard pill to swallow:

No matter what kind of work you’re pursuing. You will not start flowing dollars in your pockets out of nowhere. It does not happen overnight. It requires consistency and dedication to your profession.

Firstly, if you’re basing your salary entirely on to the factors I’ve mentioned above, you may probably be making a mistake here my friend. I’ve seen people break all the odds and all the so-called facts and have been successful in their endeavors.

And I’ve also seen people who did everything as they should have. Who checked their list as above-average individuals, but are now earning the regular amount of money.

To sum up, I believe that luck, right timing, right opportunities and most importantly right mindset which tells that you can achieve anything matters the most. All those great men and women in history you extract inspiration from had the right mindsets.

It is your job to figure out what is your version of the right mindset.