Normally, a Physical Therapy program takes 4 years for an undergraduate degree and then 3 years more for a DPT (Doctorate in Physical Therapy) program. The other pathway is 2 years longer where you add in a Master’s degree before the DPT program.

But, the Master’s program is now outdated but some countries and states in the US still offer it. Whereas, Accelerated Physical Therapy program is a one year faster program and I’ll be explaining how it works.

What is Accelerated Physical Therapy?

Some universities have recently started offering a Physical Therapy program called Accelerated Physical Therapy. The program is 6 years long. The first three years are equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree and the last 3 years are equivalent to a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


Moreover, the obvious advantage is right there and that is one less academic year. A regular program takes 4 years of undergrad degree and then 3 years of Doctorate Degree. Whereas, the Accelerated Physical Therapy program takes 6 years.

Plus, in a regular program, there may be some hindering due to human errors. And in some cases, life may also be making decisions for some people post-graduate degrees.

Nevertheless, the determined individuals who want to pursue Physical Therapy as a career there’s the Accelerated Physical Therapy program. It allows the students to enroll in a Bachelor’s program and continue their education up until they’ve done their Doctorate.

In my opinion, this may the best choice for dedicated individuals who believe they’re destined to be Physical Therapists. And the reason being, during this program the students are not wasting their time with any useless errands.

All they have to do is dedicating to studying for the next 6 years and they come out as a Doctor of Physical Therapy which sounds pretty awesome. Still, there may be some pros and cons in this program for different people having different priorities.

Quick Facts About Accelerated Physical Therapy

  • “Physical Therapy” this professional was related to women’s in its starting for the purpose of World War 1 soldiers therapy.
  • APTA refers to the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association that as established in 1921.
  • Many techniques that are being used today are related to 460 BC.
  • There are several methods of treatments are being used in physical therapy that includes, orthopedic, acute care, post-operative care, cardiovascular, pulmonary rehab, neurologic rehabilitation.
  • Accelerated physical therapy programs provide a big opportunity for those students who want to start their career in the field of PT in short time of period.
  • There is a big difference between the treatment cost of physical therapy and allopathic treatment that is 72%.
  • “Spa massage and physical therapy massage” both are entirely different from each other. So don’t mix it up!

Requirements For Fast-Track PT Programs

  1. 3.1 CGPA for admission
  2. GRE exam passing score
  3. IELS for International Students with Bachelor from Accredited University
  4. What degree do I need to become a Physical Therapist?

Requirements For Accelerated PT Programs

If you are willing to join BSPT/DPT degree programs then you must have high school graduation with a major in human science, biology, psychology, etc. And you can apply for a DPT program in the same institute. The length of this accelerated physical therapy program varies from 24 months to 32 months.

List of Accelerated Physical Therapy Programs (PT/DPT)

This list consists of top rated universities and schools of America that are offering accelerated PT programs in low tuition fee through providing highly qualified staff, educational material, and labs.


Here is the top best university school in California that is offering Accelerated PT.

California State University, Fresno


Program: Accelerated Physical Therapy Programs

Tuition: $22,987 USD

Address: 5241 N Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93740, USA

Contact: (559) 278-2625



Best university school of physical therapy.

Drexel University

Programs: Accelerated Physical Therapy BS/DPT

Tuition: $10,765/per semester USD

Address: 1601 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Contact: 267.359.5915



Here is the best physical therapy school in Miami Florida state.

University of Miami Miller School

University of Miami Miller School

Programs: Accelerated PT

Tuition: $11,550 USD per semester

Address: 1320 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146, USA

Contact: +1 305-284-2211



Best pt school in Texas is listed below.

The University of Texas at El Paso

Programs: Accelerated Physical Therapy BS/DPT

Tuition: $25,413 USD

Address: 500 W University Ave, El Paso, TX 79968, USA

Contact: +1 915-747-5000


Pros in Accelerated Physical Therapy Program:

  1. As stated above, some obvious pros are for the determined individuals who whatsoever want no hindrance in their journey while becoming a Physical Therapist.
  2. It is a time-efficient program. Some people believe that one or two year’s gap in a resume may not sound appealing to some organizations out there. Hence, this option makes sure the gap does not fill in your resume.
  3. You may end up saving two or more years of extra struggle that normal students put because of the consistency you’ve put in for the last 6 years. You perform better when you’re already used to similar situations.

Cons in Accelerated Physical Therapy:

  1. In like manner, people opposite in behavior and goals as to the ones described above can experience cons in this program as well. Some people may not be sure of what career they want to proceed in life and end up changing their career after some years of study.
  2. Many people have other passions they may want to pursue along with their academic careers. Such as, they may be musicians or photographers by soul but end up pursuing the wrong degrees due to societal pressure. Whereas, this degree asks the dedication of the enrolled student.